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Team Building

Just as Coaching is truly an individual experience, team building is truly a group experience,  geared specifically to team goals, team objectives, and team metrics. Team Building is designed to take a group of individuals and bring solidarity and focus,  a direction and goals, to the group organically  while constructing a framework, a game plan, and a map for enabling constructivee individual interaction, meeting goals and achieving objectives in a blaze of glory.  This progam may be combined with Mentoring for Executives and upper management teams.

                3-month team building program
                6-month team building program
             12-month team building program

Choose the timeframe which best fits your organization (understanding that achievements depend on team members and the time all invest in the program). Weekly teleconferences with all team members to provide flexibility and increase attendance.  This program is designed to make teamwork effective, facilitate melding of corporate cultures, and unify management direction.

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     Laughter with Truth
               Motivation with Compassion
                          Inspiration with Joy


Before we can move in any direction, we need to assess where we are. Once we're clear on our starting point,  we can move easily in any direction we choose.  Includes in-depth discussions in a face-to-face team meeting to gain clarity and a more expansive depth of understanding of positioning. 

goals  and objectives

Goal-setting the way you have NEVER experienced it before - powerful, effective, and faster than you would believe possible.  Creating goals and breathing life into them in a way which enables the team and individual team members to clearly move forward with confidence and an enhanced set of tools to achieve goals.

game plan

Organizing, strategically planning and preparing actionable items on a timetable in organic concert with goals and objectives. This is empowering and enlightening, bringing clarity and certainty along with movement.  This step is designed to get all team members on the same page, moving forward with clarity towards common goals. Brings to light any conflicting issues or objections, offering different perspectives in problem solving, clarifying rolls and rules, bringing to light any group needs, refocusing and coalescing the team. 

mapping session

Teams are composed of multiple individual, each equally reponsible for the successes and achievements of the team. Knowing where the team is/are on the  roadmap is crucial to taking the 'next steps." This step goes far beyond accountability, requiring analytical assessment, problem solving, adjusting perspectives and timing, and handling conflict, unanticipated or unwanted results, among other critical factors.


The only constant in life is change. Knowing that, we set aside time specifically to examine the maps for changing geography, altered terrain, clarified perspectives, altered timelines, and other unforeseen events or situations. Encouraging flexibility, alternative thinking, and creative problem solving to avoid "herding cats."


Celebrating achievements is a must!  Your team are invited to recap their journey:  the tools in the tool chest, your strategies for movement, sharing problem solving techniques, and encouraging others along in their journey - an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by design and assess your growth, changes, and "next steps."