Speaking and Presenting

Flex your speaking and presenting muscle!
     --Make your messsage crystal clear
     --Punch up your presentation with software and hardware
     --Ask questions and get engaged responses from attendees
     --Inspire more questions and have lively discussions during Q&A
     --Start and close with a bang and have them ask for more!

Learn how to
  ...have your audience excited to hear you before you utter a word
  ...stop being afraid of speaking to any size (or rank) group
  ...have fun being with the attendees - and have them love you
  ...stop hecklers in their tracks, even if you don't know the answer
  ...feel confident, knock out the fear, and ooze charisma

One-on-one active sessions to bust through fears, enhance charisma, and deepen group connectivity...
                             Be the speaker beyond what you envision